Houston Small Business SEO

Small business SEO in Houston is perhaps the most fun a man can have and still exist within Federally mandated limits on happiness.

I say that because being an SEO developer with a Google specialization is work that I honestly can do all day.  In fact, I went to bed last night at 9:30 PM, and got out of bed at 2:30 AM today to write some content for a good client of mine.

What other job is so fun that you will climb out of a warm bed on a chilly night in the dead of the morning just to get a head start on the day?

SEO is interesting, and because it is interesting, it is fun.  Doing good SEO for my clients in Houston is quite satisfying for me.  Business in Houston is, in general, pretty good.  My clients know that the Internet is important to their business survival, and I am admittedly good at selling SEO services.

Maybe its the view I have from my upstairs office window, or maybe its the blue jeans I wear every day.  Maybe its taking my son to kindergarten every morning, or meeting him at the bus stop every afternoon.  And I listen to music while I’m on the phone with clients.  My headphones play the music and also the voice of my clients and prospects, so I have the best of both.

Small Business SEO in Houston

Small business SEO in Houston, or in any city for that matter, is simply a matter of knowing what Google looks for.  Obviously I know what Google likes, because I am ranked number one on Google for a lot of SEO services.  Since I know how to properly execute SEO for my own business, I certainly will do the same for my clients in Houston.

I say Houston a lot, mostly because I live here.  This is my local market, and if I cannot take care of my local market, I cannot take care of any market.  And my clients like that I am local.  I like it, too.  I enjoy helping the local guys out.

Here is something funny:  I am told every day by different businesses that they “have the SEO handled”.  Then they inevetibly hang up on me.  Bear in mind that I do not contact a business unless their SEO is failing them.  I only phone businesses in vertical markets that are ranked on Google page two or greater for a given search term.

So they already suck when I call them, but they tell me that “have the SEO handled”.  And then they hang up. That just makes me smile a big smile, because that business will fail and the owner is too stubborn to listen.

Houston is a different kind of city because the people here are different, I think.  We are used to success.  We guided the first men to the moon.  We drill the worlds deepest oil wells.  We have more restaurants per capita than any city in America.  Kipplingers rated Houston as the top city in America a couple of years ago.

We work hard here, take fewer vacation days and we tend to enjoy working.  I know I do.  My wife is taking our two boys to her mothers house for spring break and I am staying home to work.  I see it as a week where I can get a massive amount of work done, plus I can grill some steaks, smoke some ribs, smoke some cigars, and maybe watch a movie or two and perhaps even play a computer game.

Small business SEO in Houston allows me to do all of this.  I own my own job and as long as I work hard and do a good job for my customers, I should continue to do well.

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