John Moore Offers Excellent AC Houston Service

Article by Matt Hollis

Anyone who lives in Houston knows how important it is to have an air conditioner. Houston summers are notorious for being extremely hot. An air conditioner helps make life more comfortable. John Moore Services is one of Houston’s largest family-owned home repair companies and we are proficient at repairing air conditioners. When people need an AC Houston problem fixed, they usually call us because we are known as air conditioning experts. We are knowledgeable about air conditioners, both new and old. Regardless of how high tech or primitive they are, we are equipped to handle the problem. Air conditioning is too important to have while living in Houston to let it go when it breaks down. Call us when you have air conditioning in Houston problems.

Get “Moore” with Our AC Service

With John Moore Services, you get so much “Moore” than you bargained for with our unique air conditioning repair services. We do so much for our customers other than just fix an air conditioning problem. Some of the services you get with our AC Houston services include: Our Special Emergency Service