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Many may argue, but it always holds the truth, the success for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is based on the level of “response”.  Response is an important element within human interaction and social participation.  These social media platforms provide an enormous space for people to act and react.  The more interesting the topics, the more responsive are the human beings.

Responsiveness can be measured in 2 ways – 1: visual, 2: accessibility.

Visual response is how an online visitor responds when they see your website.  Will they stay on your website because site content is useful and interesting?  Will they stay because the color theme triggers an emotional connection and suggests that the longer they stay and if they do business with you, the quicker their problems will be solved? 

Keep in mind, no matter what your target audience is, no matter of age, gender and race, your visitors clearly understand what your site is about in just a couple of seconds because of that emotional connection that might and might not happen.  A high end web design means a design that works.

Accessibility level is another way to measure how responsive your website is.  This term describes the ability of your website on detecting what kind of device is being used to access information and whether it can adjust accordingly. 

For example, you are a restaurant website that offers online ordering services to your customers.  A visitor searches for your service online and finds you in Google, clicks to your website on his mobile phone.  Will he sees the entire website on a tiny screen, or will he be able to see big and clear buttons that direct him to menu and food categories, to proceed to ordering and expecting delicious food at his doorstep?

For smart phone viewing, the site should be automatically resized to 1-2 columns or a few buttons. 

To ensure your website is responsive so that it generates profits for your business, contact one of the top web designers, for more information.  Over 85% of all mobile handsets including iPhone, iPads and mobile phones of other brands will have access to the internet.  Are you ready to take advantage of this phenomenon by creating a web page that makes people act and respond?

The author name is Jatin Hira, 21 year old. He is a web designer.

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