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I have a house flip today let me go over some common issues that I normally find let’s go check it out. One of the most common problems that we find on these older properties is they have they have Federal Pacific panel boxes Federal Pacific panel boxes are an older type electrical panel and that the company went out of business because it’s a defective products our product has been known to cause fires and there are several issues that’s wrong with inside this panel box and I’m going to show you what it looks like inside so what are the most common issues with this panel box is actually the cover as you remove it you run into some satellite dishes but actually it’s the removal of the cover and the it catches the breakers and it trips them off one of the most basic issues is if there’s a lot of corrosion on the panel box so you know that you have some some water intrusions also you have several this breaker this mean these is actually triple tap also the other main feed is oh that’s triple tap too as well you also have improperly covered wires and so you you don’t have the rock proper colored wires the box isn’t bonded and there is no ground to the box to it as well there are several other issues but the main thing is as we know they’re enough that we need to call an electrician and let them know that this panel box is defective let’s go check out the next issue another common issue that we run into is the actual service entrance mast is too low service entrance masts should be three feet high off the roof structure and actually can’t be higher off the back yard so it just keeps people from pending anything grabbing onto it for electrical shock so if you can see right here I’m only five foot six and I think an easily grab onto this so we know that the service mask needs to be raised for safety so this roof is brand new pretty sure this flipper didn’t think there’s going to be anything wrong with this one but actually as I walked up I noticed that there were civil shiny flats fasteners that were a shingles been hit their starters horse correctly also the LED jacks are not installed properly how these ledge hacks should be installed is they should be folded down into the stack to help prevent water penetration the next issue is the gutters they didn’t repair the gutters at all you can see that they’re holding water right now and they’re not properly sloped so whenever it rains it’s actually going to roll back into the structure and cause some wood rot there and then the final one is the patio right here the patio is holding water right now – hasn’t caused any damage yet but with standing water on a metal roof like this it will cause some rust let’s go check out another one another common issue that we find is whenever there’s a brand new roof roofers don’t normally work with HVAC equipment or the water heaters so whenever they remove these stacks they never install them properly so this one it’s loose in the Attic it’s separated in the Attic and right now the furnace is emitting carbon monoxide into the attic space okay so one of the next issues that we found when it came from whether they installed the roof is actually these bowed and bent purlins in the attic space some of the newer inspectors out there or some inspectors in general get bowed or bent purlins they were automatically think it relates to foundation issues this actually comes from the roofers bringing in 50-pound bundles to a hundred pound bundles and throwing it on the roof and it actually damages the purlins these purlins are actually not installed properly either but because of the age they’re not going to be but purlins are supposed to be installed at a forty-five degree angle or within a 90 every four feet and be installed onto a load-bearing wall so these purlins right here they’re damaged we’re going to ask and recommend for some repairs we also have some damaged rafters and I’ll follow up with some images of that too as well so one of the last issues that I come across most of the time upon over properties is galvanized warm lines they rust from the inside out to our hard waters what it causes is water spots or pinholes in the system of the water system and it causes water stains also causes significant low water pressure inside the structure this can cause a lot of livability issues how you find them are underneath sinks or behind toilets if you have some sort of magnet you can tag it you know stick right to it if you find these I automatically start budgeting for replacement or know that you’re going to have to negotiate this issue all right so that’s Chris what they actually you how many home inspection questions please give me a call and please like and share the videos cover as you’re removing you run into some issues but actually it’s the rule recover and it catches the breakers and it tricks them off

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